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Regular office cleaning

Depending on the volume and type of garbage produced by the office, professional cleaning is usually required on a daily or weekly basis. Weekly cleaning is good for regular offices up to 10-15 employees and 10,000 sq ft. And daily cleaning is required for offices with more than 15 employees and bigger than 10,000 sq ft, to collect garbage and maintain public areas (kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, reception area).

Some offices have commercial cleaning two or three times a week. Some offices are professionally cleaned weekly, but order a daily garbage collection service. We offer our customers a lot of flexibility in terms of the cleaning schedule. In case there is an office event, we can do additional cleaning before or after the event. And we try to accommodate last minute notices.

Below is a typical cleaning checklist for regular office cleaning.

Weekly services


- Clean toilet bowls

- Clean sinks

- Wipe down mirrors

- Clean/wipe down & sanitize surfaces

- Mop floors


- Clean/wipe down surfaces (countertops, tables, etc.)
- Clean sink
- Wipe down exterior of appliances (fridge/microwave/dishwasher)
- Wipe down kitchen walls as needed (around coffee machine, behind sink)
- Place any dishes left in sink in dishwasher
- Sweep & vacuum floors and carpet
- Wipe down windows
- Dust sills
Conference Rooms:
- Detail and clean all kitchen areas
- Wipe down tables/stools/chairs
- Dust/wipe down chairs
- Dust TV and clean of fingerprints and smudges
- Wipe down glass walls
- Dust EMPTY areas on desks – when in doubt, leave it be
Seating Areas:
- Wipe down tables, dust
- Straighten up cushions or decorative items
- Empty large trash cans & replace liner/bag as needed
- Empty waste baskets in desk area, replace liners as necessary
- Bring trash and cardboard/recycling to basement
- Wipe down door handles
- Report any burned-out lights or damaged items ton-site contact (email or note is fine)
- Turn off any overhead lights and confirm locked doors before leaving
Monthly deep cleaning services:
- Clean tile walls in bathrooms
- Clean toilets (underside, top and bottom)
- Clean inside of microwave
- Wipe clean any light fixtures
- Dust all ledges, wall moldings, artwork, shelves, etc.
- Dust/wipe down baseboards
- Vacuum upholstered furniture
- Remove fingerprints/smudges from walls

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