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Janitorial Services for big buildings

Big offices of more than 20,000 sq ft, which occupy one or more floors, are cleaned on a daily basis to collect garbage and maintain public areas like kitchen, bathrooms, hallways and reception area. These are the primary daily cleaning activities, on top of which we vacuum and mop floors and dust surfaces.


Cleaning checklist is prepared based on the priorities of the office. While collection of garbage and cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens is always a must in daily cleaning, offices with high floor traffic like schools require daily sweeping, vacuuming and mopping of the floors. Carpeted offices usually require weekly vacuuming, so the cleaning lady can incorporate deep cleaning activities into her daily cleaning routine (clean refrigerator, dust furniture, clean glass walls and doors, dust blinds and window sills, clean walls, vacuum and mop floors).


Below is a typical cleaning checklist for janitorial services.


  1. Pick up garbage from offices/cubicles/conference rooms / kitchens / bathrooms,

  2. Tighten up common areas: bathrooms / kitchens / lobby / staircases,

  3. Sweep / vacuum / mop if needed,

  4. Replenish toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and sanitizers in bathrooms and kitchen.


We will also incorporate deep cleaning elements into the daily cleaning schedule to maintain cleanliness of the office.

Sample deep cleaning schedule:

Monday - Vacuum / Mop 1st floor

Tuesday - Vacuum / Mop 2nd floor

Wednesday - Vacuum / Mop 3rd floor

Thursday - Vacuum / Mop 4th floor, Clean reception / entrance doors

Friday - Clean / dust furniture in offices, cubicles, hallways.

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