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Deep office cleaning

Deep cleaning is recommended on a monthly or quarterly basis for every office. While daily cleaning activities allow to maintain visible and high-touch areas clean, certain areas still remain untouched. Among important deep cleaning activities are high dusting, cleaning behind and under the objects on the tables and furniture, cleaning of windows, windowsills and blinds, cleaning of walls, scrubbing of bathroom tiles, toilet bowls and sinks, buffing floors and shampooing carpets.


Below is a typical cleaning checklist for commercial deep cleaning.


  1. Wipe down top, underneath, front and sides of the tables, chairs and shelves, move and wipe down objects.

  2. Clean inside personal refrigerators,

  3. Clean garbage bins inside and out.

  4. Wipe down blinds,

  5. Clean exterior and interior windows, wipe down window sills,

  6. Replace garbage liners,

  7. Wipe down baseboards, door frames and doors,

  8. Dust artwork and hallway signs,

  9. Spot clean / wipe down walls,

  10. Clean kitchen sink, interior and exterior of kitchen cabinets and appliances (refrigerator, oven, microwave, coffee machine, kettle),

  11. Wipe down top, bottom and legs of kitchen tables and chairs.

  12. Wipe down trash bins inside and out.

  13. Spot clean / wipe down walls,

  14. Replace garbage liners,

  15. Soap and scrub bathroom tiles, toilet bowls, urinals and sinks.

  16. Polish stainless steel stalls,

  17. Wipe down mirrors,

  18. Replenish toilet paper, paper towels, soap, hand sanitizers, air fresheners, replace liners.

  19. Scrub and mop staircases,

  20. Clean entrance door from both sides top to bottom,

  21. Clean reception area (glass, lighting, top, underneath, front and sides of the tables, chairs and shelves, move and wipe down objects),

  22. Vacuum floor mats,

  23. Vacuum floors in the entire building,

  24. Shampoo carpets,

  25. Buff or mop floors in the entire building,

  26. Remove garbage to the designated garbage collection area.

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